General Contractor Services

"Executing Projects by Providing Comprehensive Services to Our Clients"

Brannsen construction is a licensed General contractor company based out of Hartford, Connecticut providing general contracting services for construction projects with specialization in hospitality, commercial, and industrial construction. While providing our services from start to finish, we work closely with subcontractor and make sure that your project is executed with precision. Our services include complete evaluation of schedules, safety & cost.
Performing as the main contractor, we are responsible for every details in the course of your construction project. Finding the right set of subcontractors to get the job done is one of our most important missions. Taking care of materials, equipment, and any other services required for the smooth development of the project is always on our priority.
It is our job to execute the projects considering all the important aspects of construction such as on-site supervision, review of plans, roll-out potential problems, provide comprehensive knowledge and required resources. Doing proper inspections of all day-to-day tasks does generate effectiveness in the project completion. We help you overcome the challenges which are faced during the construction of the project to create the right set of values for our customers.

General Contractor Services

  • Material, Labor & Equipment
  • Hiring Subcontractors
  • Safety on Job-site
  • Building Permits Application
  • Property Security
  • Taking care of generated waste
  • On-site Personnel Management
  • Site Surveying
  • Site Engineering
  • Schedule Monitoring

3 Reasons to Hire Our General Contractor


Hiring a general contractor will not only increase the efficiency of personnel but also look into the step by step process of construction which will help in reducing risk and improving the quality of work. Acting as a go-to expert in the project, GC helps in acquiring the best possible resources to improve the quality for better results.

Building Code Compliance

It is important to hire someone who is aware of the codes of the construction process for the ease of projects which owners undergo. Construction codes are a bit complex and confusing body of regulations and if known properly can ease the process for everyone involved in the project. It is important to know how to implement the codes for the enforcement of the projects.

Cost Effective

We believe that effectiveness can be increased with precision and control. GC often acts as a cost controller. It is often challenging to control cost at every phase of the project and if not channeled properly the project might go off-budget. To meet this problem GC often acts as a cost controller which helps in increasing the efficiency.

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